Alpha Mind with Jenny


I came to Jenny very stressed anxious... the time that Jenny has worked with me is truly amazing and life changing. Jenny has a voice that is so soothing and relaxing, she has a natural talent and committed to helping people, this combined with her know-how, experience and in combination with her background she delivers extraordinary results... I am much more centred person, I am seeing changes not only in myself, but because I now have the tools to help me cope with stress in a more positive way...
— S.P
Jenny has a vast swag of life skills that collide with her comprehensive thirst for seeking out training that she uses for the benefit of her clients. Jenny is client orientated. I am eternally grateful for Jenny’s friendship and care.
— T.L
This Lady is the best person you can see if you are after a caring person... She is very gentle when she has to tell you what you SO do not want to hear - she knows how to say things that you have to hear to move on - she helps you get through the walls that you have not wanted to deal with... Thank you so much Jenny for all the help that you have given me, and I am so glad that you have given me the tools to move on with my life.
— N.C
When I first went to see Jenny, I was very lacking in self-confidence and self-worth... I no longer have these problems thanks to her brilliant work... I always leave beaming with confidence after talking with her.
— G.B
Thank you for all your caring and help during my five weeks in hospital... I put into practice all the relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, relaxing the body limb by limb, muscle by muscle that you taught me through Hypnotherapy. I also helped four other patients. Keep up the excellent work.
— V.P