Alpha Mind with Jenny



Through my years of experience, study, and a passionate interest the neuroscience of the mind especially around trauma, I have learnt how to access alpha brain waves through meditation and hypnotherapy to change my own life, and I can help you change yours. I will show you how to experience your inner self so more and more you can live from that centre of peace.

When we find our true selves and learn to live in the present - life becomes fun, and we move into a flow. Life still happens of course, but we have a strong centre to manage the down times. Our birthright of freedom and peace becomes available when we learn to use our minds properly – by not fusing with thoughts and learning to regulate emotions – by understanding how the mind works.

Meditation and Hypnosis increase alpha brain waves – this state of consciousness leads to profound peace and deep relaxation, and is the gateway to the unconscious mind, allowing us to access our inner wisdom, increase focus and concentration, and to break troublesome habits by changing neural pathways in the brain. Allow me to guide you to experience your inner self, your own peaceful place, improve your health and change unhelpful habits.

Become who you are meant to be.




Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Diploma
Medical Hypnotherapy Certificate
Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Instructor Certificate
Rapid Resolution Therapist Certificate
OldPain2Go Practitioner
Master of Mental Health Nursing
Counselling - Post Grad Diploma
Drug and Alcohol Management Certificates
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Certificates - All Levels
Personal, Marriage and Family Counselling Certificate


Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
Australian Hypnotherapy Association
BlueKnot Foundation (Professional Member - trauma informed therapist)
Dissociative Disorders Digest
Aspergers Experts Membership
International Society for Meditation Instructors
Trauma Informed Registry (following Royal Commission into institutional childhood sexual abuse)