Alpha Mind with Jenny

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is being aware in the present moment, by being the ‘Observer’ of ourselves instead of the ‘Thinker’. By being the ‘Observer’, we align our attention with our immediate inner and outer sensory experiences, and not our thoughts. By aligning with our inner self, we experience peace, calmness, and the wise part of ourselves. This inner self is always available, it just becomes overshadowed by thoughts, emotions, and our focus on the external world - just as we know the sun is always shining, even when it is obscured by clouds or fog. When we have this inner awareness, we become more conscious, and realise we have a profound inner resource to cope with the stresses and inevitable fluctuations in the external world.

Thoughts are always about the past or future, and they tend to be negative, triggering emotional reactions of depression and anxiety. When one is totally present in the body, there is no thought. When thoughts arise, we can use them as a reminder to become ‘present’ again and start to recognise that most thoughts are just words floating though our awareness - just words we give meaning to, often negative meanings that we have internalised from our childhood. Mindfulness is not about controlling our thoughts - thoughts do seem to have a life of their own - rather not allowing thoughts and emotions to control us.

Meditation is a mindfulness practice - just as we have to experience the taste of sweetness, so it is difficult to describe the bliss that is possible in the human experience though meditation, until we try it for ourselves. Even then it cannot be remembered, only experienced in the present.